the whirlwind

Say-no-yellowThe last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind of activities. People to see, things to do, errands to run, fun to have, and places to go. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was sending my sister off into the wild unknown (well, America at any rate), and in the weeks leading up to her departure, there was plenty to do.

What that has meant, of course, is that very little in the way of routine was followed, and life rather took the hindmost while fun, admin, and errands were all that really happened. I have even found that I was only washing the clothes I needed all the time, while other stuff just got bundled into the cupboard to wait for better days.

So this year, I want to try to live more deliberately. It’s easy to be swept along by all the events, all the things that must happen, but then years like 2012 happen, where I can’t even clearly remember what happened. Yes, I remember the highlights, but the day-by-day happenings, the walks in the sun, the time spent with my husband? Not so much.

This year, I would like to eat at the table more often than in front of the TV. I want to spend more time doing crafty things, than fiddling on Twitter. I want to learn a new skill (sewing? spray painting? upholstery?), rather than rehashing old ones (I can’t cook all the time). I’d like to make time to do things that will benefit me in the long term, such as take up yoga or pilates. I’d like to spend less time doing things I feel I ought to do, and more time doing things I love.

Too often, we do things and spend our time trying to make others happy, and in the end say no to the things that really make our hearts beat faster. This year? This year is the time to make deliberate decisions to say yes to the things I love, more often than I say yes to the things that other people love.

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