the winds of change

Greyton-sheepSo, you might be wondering why all this talk about strengths? Well, I’ve been doing some thinking (no, it didn’t hurt), and I want to introduce a few changes around this here blog. Up to now, this has been a very personal, thoughtful, contemplative space, which I have really enjoyed having. I’d like to keep that same feeling, but introduce a couple of different series.

You see, since I’m an avid researcher, there are a number of areas that I find myself interested in. So if you’ll forgive me, I plan to share them here. What things, you ask? Well, for that you’ll have to wait and see, but I’d like to think it will be interesting and definitely well-researched. So, folks. Look out for some changes blowing through here.

You really want to know? Well, ok, you can twist my rubber arm.

I’ve changed the site description to Eat with a spoon: a life lived well. There are many things that make life good, and I think a few of them are food, friends, family, activities, and thoughtful living. So, over the next few months, I’d like to add the following series:

1. Food: I used to write my own foodblog, and fell out of the habit. I’d like to pick that up again, in part because I’m a much more adventurous cook, and in part because my whole style of eating has changed. Here I’ll also include some restaurant reviews – I love supporting restaurants that rock.

2. DIY: We are moving to a new house in the suburbs, and my hands are itching to start trying out some of the many ideas I’ve pinned but not had a space to try out. Forgive me if they are horrible, I’m but a beginner.

3. How to guides: I’m a researcher, and I write for a living. I like to process that, and my guides are pretty decent. Think, “How to buy a chef’s knife”, and “how to choose a chopping board.” Useful, informative and interesting (I hope).

4. Personal: I’d like to continue with my personal posts, and plan to incorporate some visits around and about.


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