a weekend away in greyton

GreytonThree years ago on July 31st, we got married in a little town called Greyton. It’s teeny-tiny, about half an hour from Hermanus (which is about an hour or so from Cape Town), and the loveliest little village you ever did see. But, the thing is, with me being only semi-employed over our first anniversary, and in Greece for the day for our second, we never made it back to Greyton, until this past weekend.

Thing is, I can’t for a moment imagine why. You know when life is SO HECTIC that you can barely see past the end of your nose? You know, when your job suddenly doubles the workload, you’re moving house, your sister is away, and your in-laws are in your house all the time (to help with house admin, but you secretly wish they were ANYWHERE but where they are, which is in your living room), and it’s the middle of the longest winter ever – THAT kind of hectic. That kind of hectic is when it’s the perfect time to breakaway.

So, my dear husband took charge, and while we are in the midst of packing up our home and dealing with all the house admin known to man, took us away for the weekend. Nothing fancy, nothing luxury. Just a weekend for us to unwind, spend some time together, and get our heads back in the game.

What is there to do in Greyton, you ask? Bugger all. Perfectly nothing, but wander around, drink wine in the pub of The Post House (where we got married), eat oxtail and lamb shank at The Abbey Rose, eat lemon curd pancakes and buy cheese and pesto at the Saturday morning market, drink Napier beer at Vanilla Cafe, buy chocolates from Von Geusau, and wander around some more. We left the car parked at the place we were staying (Jolly J’s Cabin – we called it the love shack), and walked the whole weekend. Yes, it was freezing, freezing cold (there was loads of snow on the mountains nearby), but that just meant it was better for snuggling, and drinking and eating and sleeping until we were recharged and back to our usual selves.

So, if you’re in need of a break from life, and would like a place to do nothing for the weekend, I can heartily recommend Greyton. Take all your friends, go alone, or go with your best partner in crime ever, like I did. But go. Go before your head explodes from the rat race, and you’ve forgotten how to smile. Go and remember how it feels to live.


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