‘Twas the month before Christmas…

Wow, what a whirlwind November was. I mentioned that the first week was kind of quiet, but things definitely picked up much more than I was expecting. If there’s one thing I can say about freelancing, is that when you’re starting out, it isn’t the kindness of strangers so much as the kindness of friends that gets you going. 

Do you remember when you were looking for your first job? I do. I remember reading ad after ad, every one of them for an entry level position ‘with experience’. And where, I asked, were you supposed to get experience when you had only recently finished studying?! Welcome to the working world, honey, where nothing is as you think it should be.

Anyway, starting out freelancing feels a little bit the same, as though I’m starting my career from scratch again and, I guess, in many ways I am. This time around, though, I’ve had years of work experience and strong relationships to fall back on, which has been invaluable. I’ve had work from an old colleague who now works elsewhere, and a referral from another ex-colleague, who started her own business a while ago. Aren’t friends just the best?! Guys, I’ve even been paid (more than once!), and taken on a retainer client, all in my first month! 

Is there any wonder that I’m feeling a bit exhausted? Because, truth be told, even though I’m not ramping things up for the busiest time of the year, as I’d have to be at my old job (still feels weird to say that…), I’m shattered. We are 24 days to Christmas, 31 days until 2017, and I’m tired. 2016 has been… real. In many ways, it was amazing, and in many other ways, it has been really, very, incredibly hard. 

I’m trying to look ahead now and see what next year might look like, and I’m a bit stumped. I’ve always mostly known what at least the next few months might look like (except when I fell pregnant and then had a baby, those were both curveballs I was not prepared for) and this next year looks like it might be the same. A hard grind, with some rewarding moments and possibly some tears (hey, my emotion control is pretty wrecked after pregnancy hormones).

I’m getting this same feeling from many people at the moment. 2016 was hard for a lot of people, and while we naturally want to look forward positively, it’s hard not to look at 2017 with a bit of trepidation. How are you feeling about the next year? Are you glad to be waving goodbye to a crap one? Or looking forward with a touch of anxiety? How can we work to make this one a good year, guys? I’m keen for a nice one, for a change…


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