an ode to beauty therapists (and two of my favourites)

Every time I think about it, I wonder how beauty therapists get into it. I mean, they deal with other people’s bodies, doing things for people that they either can’t or don’t want to do for themselves. And they do it with such poise and grace most of the time. These lovely ladies treat our weird, hairy, scaly bodies as though they are works of art, and really, I think it’s amazing.

I mean, I’ve encountered a different type of beauty therapist. There was one lady who made me feel like the scum of the earth. She gave me a Hollywood bikini wax, no matter what I’d asked for, and never exchanged one word with me. But, she was incredibly quick, efficient and painless, so I probably saw her monthly for about a year… until she startled embezzling money from the business, and they went under (it does not pay to be a mean girl).

But my most recent beauty heroes are two ladies I’ve met at two of my favourite beauty establishments. I’m no beauty blogger, nor can I really be bothered about most beauty things, but visits to both of these ladies always makes my day and I’m happy to give them my money.

Koko at Rouge Day Spa

Koko (far left in this photo) is a gem. I’ve been seeing Koko at Rouge since I moved to Kenilworth about 4 years ago, and she is just unfailingly lovely. Personable, interesting, interested and completely professional. She waxes like a whizz, massages like a pro, and makes your nails look the best they ever have. I mean, all the ladies I’ve met at Rouge are lovely, but Koko is my favourite (and this weekend, she’s getting married!) She waxed my legs when I was too pregnant to reached them, and listened to me complain about pregnancy, motherhood, entrepreneurship and so much other stuff. Really, she’s like a beauty therapist and a counsellor in one (yes, I’m a talker, what gave you that idea?)

Chrystal at Lavish Aesthetics

Chrystal is a very new discovery for me. My sister and her friend had long recommended her, but I was quite happy at Rouge and hadn’t any need for a new place to spend money. Then, my sister booked me in for her Women’s Day facial special, and now she has my heart. I’ve only had 2-3 facials in my nearly 33 years, and most of them were either pointless or crap, frankly.

Well, Chrystal has completely changed my opinion on facials. She’s knowledgeable, intelligent, observant and funny. She likes science fiction and fantasy books, and can talk about anything. More importantly, she handles my postpartum dry/flaky/messy skin and treats it like gold, and her no-nonsense attitude has me facing up to all sorts of skin issues I’d been avoiding. My face looks better than it has in years, and I’ve hardly slept through the night for a full week for the last 3 years (so that’s saying something!) She’s a qualified cosmetic scientist and somatologist, and her massage is a force to be reckoned with. One visit to Chrystal will have you going back again (that’s a blessing and a curse!)

A good beauty therapist deals with your bodily yuck and makes you feel like gold while doing it, and these two lovely ladies do just that. So here’s to them!


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