the first post

I’ve written and deleted this first post so many times, I’ve lost count. Write, agonise, publish, change template, edit, fiddle, delete. I don’t even know how many times I’ve gone through that process. Is it always this hard to put pen to metaphorical paper and get the first post out?

I heard recently, during a Food Writing Workshop at the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba (I promise to tell more about that soon, I haven’t even processed it yet), that to be a writer you just have to write. And while I do write, several thousand words each week for my work, I’ve found myself forgetting what my own voice is.

Maybe that’s why this is so hard – I don’t know what my voice is anymore.

So think of this, the first post, as my re-entry into writing, into exploring my own voice. Largely a writing exercise, this blog will centre around life, love, food, and anything else that comes to mind. And the spoon reference? Ah, I’ll explain that someday..